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Dutch Bucket Hydroponics

Plants and vegetation are the ultimate sources of a green and clean environment and are the basis for the sustainability and long-term health of our environment. Dutch Buckets provide an innovative and environmentally beneficial method of growing plants.

A Dutch Bucket (Bato Bucket) is one of the most commonly used containers for hydroponics growing systems and is one of the simplest grow methods for beginners. Each bucket holds both the media, as well as the water and nutrient solution required for plant growth. The buckets are connected in series, typically arranged in a row or two and use the same irrigation and drainage lines.


Dutch Buckets must contain growing media (perlite, vermiculite, coconut coir, etc.) to hold moisture and provide aeration, as well as support plants to stand upright. There is one large reservoir that holds the water and nutrients. A submersible pump is placed into the reservoir to pump the nutrients into the irrigation line to the plants via the drip emitters. The drip emitters are attached to the irrigation line and feed the plants in each bucket. Siphon elbows in each bucket function to drain the excess nutrient solution to the drainage return line while maintaining a small amount of nutrient solution in the base of the bucket to prevent roots from drying out. Excess nutrient solution is returned to the reservoir eliminating waste. Recirculation requires checking and changing the nutrient solution in your reservoir at various intervals. The pump can be connected to a digital timer to water at specific time intervals.

Dutch Bucket systems have been widely adopted in areas where land is unsuitable for farming, or for greenhouses and indoor use. They offer several benefits to farmers and gardeners:

  • Works well in controlled environments for year-round growing
  • You can start small, they connect easily, are flexible and scalable to virtually any size needed
  • Saves space compared to conventional techniques, especially for vining and large crops
  • Most setups reduce labor for many crops
  • Well managed recirculating systems can conserve water and nutrients

Dutch Buckets are especially useful for vining crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and larger plant varieties. Vining plants can be trellised and trained upward, or horizontally to create living walls of plants. They are easy to access, monitor and harvest.

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