Recirculating Deep Water Culture (RDWC) System

Get to the root of it with Artisun Technology’s RDWC (Recirculating Deep Water Culture) System! Our RDWC system incorporates a circulation pump that enables the water and nutrient solution to be actively circulated through the connected buckets from the reservoir. The circulation pump ensures optimal distribution of the nutrient solution to each of the connected buckets and maintains an even and consistent solution level within each bucket.

Recirculating Deep Water Culture takes the traditional DWC method to another level by creating a steady flow of water while maintaining a constant level throughout the system. The four grow sites are connected together using large diameter pipes which improve flow throughout the system constantly. This helps to prevent any stagnation of water, thus preventing algae, bacteria, and fungi from making a home in your system keeping the roots of your plants clean and free of infection.

A commercial grade inline water pump provides positive water pressure to cool, mix and recirculate the highly oxygenated nutrient solution through the plant’s root zone, ensuring pH, nutrients and oxygen are distributed evenly throughout the entire system. A commercial grade air pump and air stones provides oxygenated water which enables the roots to more absorb the nutrients more efficiently, increasing the plant growth rate substantially.

RDWC systems are low maintenance. Once set up, you should only need to renew the reservoir nutrient solution every one or two weeks. An EC meter can be used to monitor the condition of the nutrients in the reservoir. Plants grown in RDWC systems have unburdened access to water, oxygen and nutrients which improves plant health, and accelerates growth rates and yield potential. 

Artisun Technology’s RDWC System includes:

4 x 5 Gallon Grow Modules with 4” Netpots

1 x 5 Gallon Reservoir Control Module

3 x Straight Connector Tubes with Large Silicone Rubber Seals

2 x Right Angle Connector Tubes with Large Silicone Rubber Seals

1 x Water Level Control Pipe

2 x 400 Gallon/Hour Submersible Pump

1 x Pump Outlet Tube and Connector Fitting

1 x Drain Pump Fitting and 5’ Tubing

1 x 15 L/min Air Pump

40’ x Black Air Tubing

4 x Air Stones


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