Where it all started - Generation 8

Generation 8 - May 2017

Plumbing was redesigned with a 12V 1/2" motorized ball valve controlling water flow to each shelf. All of these connected to a single 12V pump in the reservoir.

A fifth shelf was added increasing grow space without changing floor footprint. A 5000K flat panel light was added to the new shelf.

Yields continued to improve, data continued to be collected.

We reached our limit to the number of shelves we could have in a single vertical farm. The ebb & flow trays with 10 x 20 trays needed at least 9.5" clearance to allow for trays to be removed for harvesting.

We need a more compact tower system.

Gen 8 continued to provide a fresh microgreens for family and friends throughout 2017 and 2018 while we designed and prototyped Generation 9.



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