Where it all started - Generation 9

Generation 9 - September 2017

This was a number of design ideas on how to reduce the height between shelves to maximize the available grow area for the floor footprint. Our goal was to get to seven shelves in the same space we had on Generation 8 at five shelves.

The large ebb & flow trays had to go; they didn't allow the reduction in height we needed and required too much cleaning.

We wanted a solution where the grow tray could be inserted after planting then removed for harvesting and cleaning. NFT trays seemed like a good starting point but quickly led to the need for a custom designed grow tray.

The flat panel lights we had used in Gen 8 were also ideal. Less than 0.5" thick and good output with a variety of light outputs available.

Generation 9 also led to a patent application being filed.

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