Deep Water Culture (DWC) Grow System

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The Deep Water Culture (DWC) System Grow Kit makes growing with hydroponics easy. Large square 5 gallon buckets with 4 inch net pots are great for tomatoes, peppers, peas, beans and other vining crops. The super quiet air pump provides 15 L/min to individual air stones in each bucket providing oxygenated water for optimal root health and faster, healthier growth. Four grow buckets are connected to a common reservoir bucket making top-up and nutrient balancing easy. Easy setup with high quality 3/4" tub fittings and tubing. Air pump operates from 110V AC outlet. System includes: 5 qty black 5 gallon square buckets, 4 black lids with a 4" hole, 4 net pots, 1 black lid for reservoir bucket, 15 L/min air pump (please note air pump model supplied may differ from picture shown based on availability at time of order, all variations are the same specifications just different manufacturer), 4 air stones, 40' black air tubing, 4 x 3/4" Tee fittings, 2 x 3/4" straight fittings, 5 x black 24" 3/4" pipe lengths, 3L clay pebbles
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