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OUR FARM – Herbin Farms


At Herbin Farms, We’re Taking Agriculture to a Whole New Level…Literally!

Vertical farming and growing indoors enables us to grow better food, in less space, all year long. Billions of people around the world live far from where their food is grown. By growing indoors and upward, vertical farming enables us to grow food closer to home…so important in urban areas as the global population in our cities grow.

Using proven hydroponics technologies, energy efficient LEDs, and automated sensors, our crops get just the right amount of water, light and nutrients in a controlled, sustainable farm environment. Our crops are sheltered from harmful and unpredictable weather, and soilless growing protects our crops from soil-borne diseases and pests and eliminates the need for harmful chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides. Using up to 90% less water than traditional farming, water is cycled repeatedly to irrigate plants.