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Hydroponic Bucket / Pipe Hole Cutting - Artisun Technology, LLC

Hydroponic Bucket / Pipe Hole Cutting

utting holes in hydroponic buckets can be time consuming especially when many holes have to be cut.

2 issues we frequently run into are:

1. Jarring of the hole cutter as the pilot drill emerges through the bucket / pipe wall. This can cause shifting of the hole, scratching of the surface or worse, cracking of the bucket.

2. Excess plastic material around the edge of the holes (burr) that has to be removed in order to maintain a good seal / fit.

After trying many different tools we finally found an efficient method using the following tools:

  • Milwaukee Impact Hole Saw 49-56-9810. This has a spring between the pilot drill and hole cutter that prevents the jarring
  • Husky Deburring Tool 1003 067 552. This removes excess material around the edges of the holes (burr) quickly. Use on the inside and the outside of the hole

Christine Linford 

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