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Welcome to Artisun Technology

About Us

Artisun Technology is a supplier of innovative hydroponic farming equipment. We offer various products for the urban farmer and hydroponic farming enthusiast wanting to grow better food, with fewer resources, using the latest technology. Our products provide environmentally friendly, sustainable, and economically viable solutions for farming today, and in the future.

We grow using the products and solutions we sell

An urban farmer, indoor farming equipment supplier, consultant, mom, wife, dog lover, business owner and healthy eater, I started Artisun Technology in 2016 because I was interested hydroponics and developing innovative farming solutions to enable more people to grow on their own. I was tired of making the trip to my local supermarket only to find sub-par produce that had traveled too many miles to reach me. I wanted control over the quality of the vegetables on my plate, and to be able to grow my own food year-round.

Our family-run urban farm in Connecticut grows flavorful and nutritious microgreens, leafy greens, fruits, vegetables and plants using the products and systems we develop and sell. Using proven hydroponics technologies, energy efficient LEDs, and automated sensors, our crops get just the right amount of water, light and nutrients in a controlled, sustainable farm environment. Our farm is sheltered from harmful and unpredictable weather. Soilless growing protects our crops from soil-borne diseases and pests, and eliminates the need for harmful chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides. Using up to 90% less water than traditional farming, water is recycled to irrigate our plants.

Less is More!

We’re taking agriculture to a new level…literally!

Vertical farming and growing indoors enables us to grow better food, in less space, all year long. Billions of people around the world live far from where their food is grown. By growing indoors and upward, vertical farming enables us to grow food closer to home…so important in urban areas as the global population in our cities grow.

The best food is grown close to you

We believe strongly in the local food movement, the importance of knowing where your food comes from, eating healthy, sustainability & environmentally friendly farming practices in our communities