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Get to the root of it with a Recirculating Deep Water Culture Systems

In a Recirculating Deep Water Culture system (RDWC), the roots of the plants are submerged in a nutrient and oxygen-rich water solution 24/7. Plants are grown in a net pot that is suspended from the bucket lid and contains suitable growing media such as clay pebbles. The clay pebbles provide support for the plant as it grows, as well as absorbs the nutrient solution for the plant roots. As the plant grows, the roots grow and descend into the nutrient and oxygen-rich water solution. The solution is actively circulated via a pump through the buckets connected by pipe to the central reservoir, maintaining an even water level across all buckets. The pump ensures even and optimal distribution of nutrient solution to each bucket. The nutrient water solution only needs to be added to the central reservoir and all plants receive the recirculated oxygenated nutrient solution continuously. Roots develop quicker and grow healthier, producing healthier plants and greater yields. It's easy to monitor and maintain pH and EC levels from the central reservoir, saving time and effort. 

Did you know?

  • RDWC systems grow healthier plants with greater yields by providing plants with continuous access to water, oxygen, and nutrients 
  • Nutrients are evenly distributed to each connected grow site and maintain a consistent level across all grow sites
  • The constant flow of water helps prevent algae, bacteria and fungi from growing, and keep plant roots clean and healthy
  • RDWC systems are relatively low maintenance; Check nutrient solution often and top up as needed through the central reservoir; change the solution in the central reservoir every one or two weeks
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