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Farming is expanding indoors

Whether it be a backyard greenhouse, a basement or rooftop of a NYC high-rise, a warehouse in Arizona, or even a spare room in your home, our innovative solutions help you grow more efficiently

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We offer various products for the urban farmer and hobbyist wanting to grow better, healthier food, with fewer resources, using the latest technology


    Energy efficient and fine tuned LED lights save up to 70% energy compared to traditional bulbs


    Reliable, easily controlled growing equipment, perfect for indoor and outdoor hydroponics and aeroponics


    Accessory products such as water chillers, solenoid valves, pumps and more

Why Choose Artisun Technology

Artisun Technology is an online indoor / outdoor Hydroponic Gardening store. Our grow supply store offers high-quality innovative solutions for your hydroponic gardening needs at reasonable prices. Friendly customer service, knowledgeable technical support, and product customization are just a few other reasons to make us your go-to Hydroponics store online. Get up and growing with Artisun Technology!

Your Go-to Hydroponic Store Online

We are a hydroponics garden supply company that designs, manufactures and distributes innovative indoor and outdoor growing equipment. Being urban farmers ourselves, we grow using our own equipment, and have designed our systems using the latest technology, from what we have learned along the way, and from what our customers have shared with us. Urban farmers, hobbyists, small commercial growers, and educators alike will benefit from our environmentally friendly and economically viable hydroponic systems.

Grow the freshest leafy greens, herbs and vegetables
No sun, no rain...no matter

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