• Where it all started - Generation 2

    Generation 2 - May 2015 This was our first attempt at 'Ebb & Flow' automated watering using a length of PVC fence post with end caps and center...
  • Where it all started - Generation 9

    Generation 9 - September 2017 This was a number of design ideas on how to reduce the height between shelves to maximize the available grow area for...
  • Where it all started - Generation 8

    Generation 8 - May 2017 Plumbing was redesigned with a 12V 1/2" motorized ball valve controlling water flow to each shelf. All of these connected t...
  • Where it all started - Generation 6

    Generation 6 - November 2015 Moving on swiftly, we learned that elevating the roots was not that important. Laying the grow media directly on the 1...
  • Where it all started - Generation 1

    In April 2015 an article about the nutritional benefits of Microgreens caught our attention and triggered our very first attempt to grow indoors. W...
  • Hydroponic Growing – An Innovative and Environmentally Friendly Way to Grow Plants and Vegetation!

  • Microgreens

    Packed with nutrients and flavor, these tiny, young vegetable and herb seedlings are harvested for eating after their first true leaves appear.
  • Mom Was Right…You Are What You Eat

    We are what we eat. We’ve all heard it before, but most of us probably never believed it.
  • Less Is More!

    At Herbin Farms, We’re Taking Agriculture to a Whole New Level…Literally! Vertical farming enables us to grow better food, in less space.