Dutch Bucket + Elbows + Lid + 4" Pot, 10 Pack

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This kit is a 10-pack of Dutch Bato buckets, with 10 heavy duty 1-hole lids, 10 net pots and 20 siphon elbows. 

Dutch Bato buckets can be used to cultivate almost any type of plant indoors or outdoors. They are particularly useful for vining crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, and larger plants. A Dutch bucket hydroponic system is typically arranged in rows on the floor or on benches, with one irrigation supply pipe feeding drippers from above and one drainage line circulating back to the reservoir from below or pumping to waste. It is important that they are all on the same level surface. Siphon elbows ensure the required levels of nutrients and water within the bucket's base.

Easily joined together, the Dutch buckets system can be scaled to any size and is one of the most reliable, cost effective and easily managed hydroponic growing methods. 

Usually, each bucket holds 1-4 plants. Once the hydroponic system is setup, it can run automatically from a timer with relatively low maintenance. Simply check the pH, nutrients and water level each day and top up as needed.

Dimensions: 12" x 10" x 9";

Capacity: 11L;

Color: Black; Material:

Food Grade PP&UV

Weight: 16oz;

Other equipment needed for the system are: pipes for irrigation, emitter drippers, 1-1/2" PVC drain pipe, Submersible 110V AC pumps, reservoir tank and cycle timer.

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Ethan B.
United States United States
Dutch Bucket Review

Items arrived as advertised. Bucket, elbows, and net pot were of fine quality. The lids are terrible, material is very thin and lets lots of light into the bucket (you don't want light in the bucket). A redesign of the lid to prevent light pass thru is needed to make this a good kit.