Dutch Bucket + Elbows, 10 Pack

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Dutch buckets can be used to grow virtually any plant type indoors/outdoors, and are especially useful for vining crops like tomatoes, cucumbers, and larger plants. They are typically arranged in rows on the floor or on benches, with one irrigation supply pipe feeding drippers from above and one drainage line circulating back to the reservoir from below. Easily joined together, they can be scaled to any size imaginable, and are one of the most reliable and easily controlled growing methods. Each Bucket comes with 2 siphon elbows. 
imensions: 12" x 10" x 9", Capacity: 11L, Color: Black,
Material: Food Grade PP&UV,
Weight: 13 oz each

Other accessories (sold separately) needed for a system include: irrigation supply pipe, emitters, drippers, 1-1/2” PVC drain pipe, 110V AC submersible pump, reservoir tank and cycle time

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