Hydroponic DWC 5 Gallon Square Black Bucket with Lid and 4" Net Pot, 6 Pack

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Deep Water Culture (DWC) buckets can be used to cultivate plants outdoors or indoors. They can be particularly beneficial for vining crops such as cucumbers, tomatoes, and larger plants. 6-pack of black square Buckets with lids made of plastic that have a 4" hole and Net Pot. Dimensions: 10.5" x 10.5" x 14.5" 5.25 gallons capacity The color is black; Materials: Food Grade PP & UV weight: 2.75 pounds; Additional accessories (sold separately) that are required to set up the system are: the irrigation pipe and emitters drippers 110V AC submersible pump, air stone reservoir tank, air pump and the cycle timer.

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