8 Dutch Bucket System, Dutch Bucket Hydroponic System

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Hydroponics in a Box - 8 bucket complete hydroponic growing system, grow higher yields faster and easier! The Artisun Technology Hydroponics in a Box is ideal for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, zucchini and more. The kit contains 8 Dutch buckets (2 rows of 4) that rest on a pvc frame with integrated drainage system. The recirculating pump in the 26 gallon reservoir tank feeds the perfect level of hydroponic nutrients to crops through 16 drippers. The Dutch buckets have an elbow drainage system to provide the correct water level for optimal root health. Easy setup with interlocking pipes. All components fit in reservoir tank for easy ship and storage.

Operates from 110V AC outlet.

Size of system/overall footprint 58'' L x 31'' W x 30''H

System includes: Sturdy pvc frame 8 Dutch buckets with elbows & covers Drippers and supply pipe Drain pipe 110V AC Submersible pump 26 Gallon tank with lid Instructions for assembly & use

Accessories sold separately: Digital cycle timer

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