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Air Stone 4 x 2 Inch Large Cylinder Air Stone for Hydroponics, Aquarium and Fish Tank Air Pump - 4 Pack

$29.99 USD


Air stones are an ideal way to oxygenate your hydroponic growing system. The large 4' x 2" cylinder design provide oxygen to the water while mixing and circulating nutrients. Air stones provide essential oxygen plants need and help maintain healthy roots promoting vigorous growth. Pack of 4 high quality air stones

These 4″ long by 2″ in diameter cylindrical air stones have a fitting to accept or 1/4" (4mm x 7mm) air tubing.

  • An ideal way to provide oxygen to your hydroponic growing system
  • Circulates nutrients
  • Provides essential oxygen plants need while promoting healthy roots and vigorous growth
  • Shipped in protective foam packagng


  • 4" Length, 2" Diameter Cylinder
  • 1/4" Connector
  • Use with Artisun Technology 1/4" (4mm x 7mm) Air Tubing