Deep Water Culture (DWC) 4 Site 5 Gallon Round Bucket Bubbler

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For DWC (Deep Water Culture or Direct Water Culture) Hydroponic Systems, the roots of plants are suspended in an oxygen-rich nutrients and water solution. In this method of growing, there is no soil, "deep" means that the roots have to be submerged in water deep. Along with light, nutrients, water, and oxygen supply your crop everything it requires for maximum growth.

Benefits of Deep Water Culture Systems:

There are many advantages to growing in a Deep-Water Hydroponic System. The plants are healthier, faster growing and produce higher yields. The roots of plants are immersed in a nutrient solution , so they have a constant supply of nutrients that are getting constantly oxygenated. Plants are cultivated in their own containers, which means that each plant benefits from the nutrients it receives for itself.

Useful for:

Lettuce is among the most simple and fast crops that can be grown in the DWC grow kit, and is an excellent one to start with. Strawberry, Cucumbers, Peppers, Beans and Tomatoes are also great options and can be grown throughout the year. Certain crops require support in the vertical space as well as more pruning, and lighting than others.

How to Use DWC Kit:

A basic Deep Water Culture setup can be constructed using hydroponic buckets. The basket is placed in a hole in it's lid. Growing mediums, such as clay pebbles are put in the basket. The more robust grow media like pebbles or rocks are able to help keep plants standing up straight. A nutrient as well as a water solution are added to each bucket. The water level inside the bucket shouldn't reach the top of the pot, but should be able to submerge all the plants' roots. What amount of oxygen that a plant gets is a key aspect of DWC systems, and it is what makes this method efficient. Because the roots of the plant are always in the water it is essential to utilize air stones as well as an air compressor for aquariums to in oxygenating the water and the nutrients. Air stones cause bubbles and , when they are combined, they increase the amount of oxygen dissolved in the solution. This allows the plant to absorb more of the nutrients solution.


The Deep Water Culture (DWC) 4 Site 5-gallon Round bucket Bubbler makes growing hydroponics simple in four large 5-gallon round bucket lids that have 5 inch net pits built in. The ultra-quiet air pump with four ports supplies air through separate lines to the individual air stones within each bucket which provides an oxygenated environment for optimal root health as well as quicker and healthier growth. Easy to set up using standard 5-gallon buckets that can be bought from Home Depot.


  • 4 x Black 5 gallon 12-" Dia. Round Bucket Lids with 5" Net Pots
  • 4 x Black Rubber Seal for Air Tubing
  • 1 x 15 L/min Capacity 110VAC Air Pump
  • 4 x 63mm Ring Air Stones
  • 40' x Black Air Tubing
  • 4L x Clay Pebbles

Note that this does not include the 5-gallon 12" round containers. They can be bought at Home Depot

Why Should You Buy DWC System from us? We offer the DWC System in the following formats:

Artisun Technology offers various DWC and RDWC systems with reasonable costs that will get you started and running fast. Our Hydroponic Buckets are made to be easy to use and expansion. Instructions are clear and help in simple installation. Customer support is knowledgeable and friendly. is available in case of need.

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Q. What is the major difference in Deep Water Culture kits with and without central reservoirs?

An. For systems without a central reservoir it is necessary to monitor the level of nutrient and water and fill up every bucket when needed.

In systems that are that are connected with one central reservoir the reservoir is filled with nutrients and water. The connected buckets are replenished from the reservoir as water is consumed, only the central reservoir needs to be topped up.

Q. What is a Recirculating Deep Water Culture System?

 In a Recirculating Deep Water Culture System a pump circulates water continuously from the central reservoir through the connected buckets. The water and nutrient solution only has to be added to the central reservoir. The pump makes sure that there is a uniform distribution of the nutrient solution in every bucket.

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