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DWC Bucket Lids with built-in 5" Net Pot - Pack of 10

$29.00 USD $49.00 USD


With these DWC Bucket Lids a basic Deep Water Culture (DWC) setup can be easily made using round 5-gallon buckets readily available at your local hardware store. The lid with built-in net pot is placed on top of the bucket, and a growing medium, such as clay pebbles are put in the net pot. A nutrient and water solution are added to each bucket. The water level inside the bucket shouldn't reach the top of the bucket but should be able to submerge all the plant's roots. Adding air stones to each bucket and connecting to an air pump with tubing (not included) is suggested to oxygenate the water and nutrient solution. 


  • 10 x Black 5-gallon 12" Diameter Round Bucket Lids with built-in 5" Net Pots

Note: This does NOT include the 5-gallon 12" round buckets. They can be purchased at your local hardware store. 


  • Plants are healthier, faster growing and produce higher yields
  • The roots of plants are immersed in a nutrient solution and have a constant supply of nutrients that are constantly oxygenated
  • Plants are cultivated in their own containers, which means that each plant benefits from the nutrients it receives for itself