Flood and Drain Hydroponic RDWC 6 Grow Site Expansion Kit

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In RDWC (Recirculating Deep Water Culture Hydroponic Systems, plant roots grow suspended in an oxygenated nutrient and water solution. With this soilless growing technique, “deep” means that the roots must be submerged deep in the water. Besides light, the water, nutrients, and oxygen provide the crop with everything it needs for optimal growth. 

Benefits of Recirculating Deep Water Culture Systems:

There are many benefits of growing in a Recirculating Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System. Plants grow faster, healthier and with higher yields. Plant roots are submerged in an oxygen enriched nutrient solution so there is a continuous supply of oxygen and nutrients that is recirculated. Plants are grown in individual grow sites that are connected to a central reservoir.

Useful for:

Lettuce is one of the easier and faster crops to grow in a RDWC grow kit and is a great one to start out with. Cucumbers, Peppers, Beans, and Tomatoes are other great choices, and most can be grown year-round. Some crops require vertical support, more pruning and more lighting than others.

How to Use RDWC Kit:

A simple Recirculating Deep Water Culture Setup can be created with hydroponic buckets connected to a central reservoir. A net pot basket sits in a hole in the lid of the bucket. Grow medium such as clay pebbles, are placed in the basket. A nutrient and water solution is added to the central reservoir. The water level in the reservoir settles across all buckets and can be maintained by topping up manually, by float valves or using pumps controlled via float switches. The amount of oxygen the plant receives is a major factor in RDWC systems and is what makes this technique successful. Since the plants' roots are in the water constantly, it is important to use air stones connected to an air pump. The air stones create bubbles that increase the dissolved oxygen content in the solution, which enables the plant to take in more of the nutrient solution.


The Flood and Drain Hydroponic 6 Grow Site Expansion Kit is designed to be used with our Flood and Drain Digital Controller and makes expanding your Flood and Drain RDWC system easy. 


  • 6 x Blue 2.75-gallon Square Grow Sites with Lid and 4" Wide Lip Net Pots
  • 6 x Blue 2.75-gallon Square Grow Sites Inserts
  • 6 x Grey 3/4" High Quality Tee Barb Fittings with Large Rubber Seals
  • 2 x Red 3/4" Barb Fitting End Cap Seals
  • 25' 3/4" Tubing
  • 12 x Insert Clips

Why Buy RDWC Systems from us

Artisun Technology offers various DWC and RDWC systems at reasonable prices, to get you up and growing fast. Our Hydroponic Bucket systems are designed for ease of use and scalability. Detailed instructions help with a simple setup. Friendly and knowledgeable customer support are available if needed.


    Q: What size footprint is the system?

    A: The Artisun Technology Flood and Drain Hydroponic 6 Grow Site Expansion Kit is designed to fit into a 48" x 24" footprint or larger 

    Q. What is the difference between Deep Water Culture kits with and without a central reservoir?

    A. For systems without a central reservoir, you need to manually monitor the water and nutrient level and top off the solution in each bucket as it is consumed by the plant. These are standalone buckets since they do not share a water supply, but the air pump is centralized. You can have one, or many buckets. For systems connected to a central reservoir, the reservoir is filled with water and nutrients. As the plants consume the water and nutrient solution, the solution across all the connected buckets is drawn from the reservoir by the plant. The solution only needs to be added to the central reservoir.

    Q. What is a Recirculating Deep Water Culture System?

    A. In a Recirculating Deep Water Culture System water is actively pumped and circulated via a pump through the connected buckets from the central reservoir. The solution only needs to be added to the central reservoir. The pump ensures even and optimal distribution of nutrient solution to each bucket.

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