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Growing Equipment


Hydroponic systems enable growing year-round, anywhere, without soil. Some of the hydroponic equipment we sell are Dutch Buckets, Deep Water Culture (DWC), Recirculating Deep Water Culture (RDWC) and Flood and Drain systems. 

rdwc system kit with 6 inch net pots
10 reviews
Deep Water Culture system
Save 5%
1 review
Save 7%
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Hydroponic System, 8 Dutch Bucket
Sold Out
Giant Dutch Bucket
4 in stock
Giant Dutch Bucket + Elbows
Lid for Dutch Bucket, 1 Hole
1 review
Lid for Dutch Bucket, 2 Hole
Lid for Giant Dutch Bucket, 1 Hole
2 in stock
Siphon Elbows for Dutch Bucket
Emitter + 2 Drippers
Super Quiet Air Pump
3/4" Tub Outlet Barbed Tee Fitting, 2 Gaskets
3/4" Tub Outlet Straight Fitting
Adjustable Float Valve for Automatic Water Fill
Air Stone, Ring, 63mm
Deep Water Culture bubbler
DWC Hydroponic System Fittings and Pipe Kit - Artisun Technology, LLC
5 Gallon Square Bucket Lid with net pot
5 Gallon Square Bucket with Lid
Save 20%
Deep Water Culture (DWC) 4 Site 5 Gallon Round Bucket Bubbler
Save 22%